Thursday, March 15, 2012

inner core 9th time dimension

after some mantra initiatons by MyKeY
we sense the opportunity given by numbers 22 & 28 vibrating from a crash in Switserland.

"the tunnel of love" may be the label for that tunnel from now onwards ...

indeed it is a title from a song , Dire Straights ... so have it in comfort on your vibe ...

22 : mobilising the enchanting of human specie or do you prefer the contrachant applicable?
28: challenging the healers perspective given 22 children offering their upmost future alignment, 6 adults guide their souls ... probably including the driver at a seat ...

but then we have to hold on the mission at charge ...
now on the 1st daya of the 2nd kweak in the 9th moon of solar intend .. realizing energy into information articulated by another source as a intermediate at mass intervention: transduce & transit

the tzolkin mediator station comes up todaya Serpent on Kweak Moon Daya ,
1 daya after 185 on DreamSpell - vibrated on Mystery Queen, our beloved Angel &LightWorker Claire.
(see for this crucial time, the article meant)

here the clip that explains a bit more on the actual shift at unload phase ...

this all popping up the essence of number nine - the femi-nine ... attractor at each human base

this all may be painly while entering the new stage , the noosphere premise(D)

in ah mity, S'ace

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jaguar Moon from a Leap Experience

i cannot say sorry for being late while it seems intended by energetic flares talking s'ilence


is just printed on a screen following fingeartips dancing shadows on a whter shade of pale (procel harum)

so why not spend time reading this nice illustrated "metta"

isn't life about promoting anoother one?

|-( ... )~:

all following pages may be in the rhythm and rhyme of the waterdragon livin' in the Hague, Europe

we inherently label her by IneQ