Monday, November 28, 2011

DAYA 13-14-15 : 273.M.2.4 , .5, .6 ~ Kin - Wind - Urdaya

}}} Siliohm {{{

The floating clouds,
in the centre of the storm
clean-rains all sorrows and all grieves

The doleful melody turns into a spring-song,
the sun paves the world shiny and builds his bow.

The sky colors.
A laughing shout, breaks the silent air.

The quietness of my thoughts,
refreshed by the confidence of understanding
beckons ogling into the joy of life.

}}} Limimah {{{

melts the art of the past
with the present
and moulds it gently to the gleam of a smile on a face.
The air unties the disturbance,
the patience  grows,
as a precious key to the satisfaction of an unfulfilled desire.

The air expectantly lights up,
a sparkling eye,
a  hand reaching,
the lovely wise of sharing joy.

}}} Dalimèr {{{

shows me the forgotten art
to create some wings when we need to flutter.
She learns me to listen
so I can hear the raging storm is but a fragile whisper,
giving a helping hand.

She shows me the chain’s broken,
so we can bring our strengths together

She makes me hear,
the lost words
She teaches me to express the nameless treasures
Let us make some wings,
and free the wind,
and float to the stream of desire,
... together

"triple mode facilitates sound rhythm rhyme" ~ S'ace

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Friday, November 25, 2011

DAYA 10-12 : 273.M.2.1, .2 , .3 ~ Moon - Fa - Nessdaya

(due to LIVEkweak stream those days are done in triple-sets)

}}} Biovoid {{{

The love kweak helped me 
to discover a path of inner strenght and beauty.
A gift, never seen before
Biovoid impregnates the air, 
with tense expectation
I accept it, with humble delight
The receipt creates something miraculous
Like an inflowering seed, 
yearns for the sun

}}} Alphaoenix {{{

Nourished his path,
finds its way, leads, creates

carries along, reaches

 A meeting
like a breeze, 
a breath
a fresh start

}}} Selinoo {{{

Takes me by the hand
And leads me,
through natures love
the place where I can slake my thirst
I understand
We met, 
like a pleasant thought
We’ve found the source of the sun
that can even sooth a stonestorm

Imprisoned by an not-opened eye

A happy influence
The wisdom of the heart
The homely sympathy


"all things in triple mode stimulate happiness" ~ S'ace

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DAYA 9 : 273.M.1.9 ~ SUNdaya ~ siliaum

}}} SiliAum {{{

Siliaum connects with siliohm,
at a manner
that limimah leads me my hara.
Siliohm is like a birthstring
in search of live and love,
she creates a cristal stream
and Siliaum answer from the cosmos.

The sight I thought I saw
seems like a misty morning,
when touched by the Cristal kiss of fire 
a sparkling sun of love. 
A new born eye, 
in search of something. 
Something to caresse.

Her mirror shows me myself, 
something unseen before. 
wider than the sky 
and deeper than the sea, 
without disclosing what could be, 
blesses what I could see. 

The sunrise sings his purple song, 
an opening of door, 
an accent of a coming foot, 
coming home, 
feeling loved, 
ready to live.

"motion in reverse" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Monday, November 21, 2011

DAYA 8 : 273.M.1.8 ~ SIRdaya ~ limimah

}}} LimiMah {{{

The power of forgotten beings,
}}} SiliOhm {{{ 
their forms,
}}} LimiMah {{{
such a joy of light
into the night,
when imagining some fear,
supposing a rover
when it is just a tree.

Like a glorious morning
her loving touch flatters my hart
kissing with Crystal lips 
a rhythmic beat of affection and tenderness,
gilding life with beauty.

The power of early rays
awakens spring in my heart,
as a living creative art,
full of expectation

"hold on tight" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DAYA 7 : 273.M.1.7 ~ SOULdaya ~ siliohm

}}} SiliOhm {{{

Chanting Siliohm
opens all my chakra’s at once

The Ohm reminds me of my birth.
A forgotten dream of a wandering star, 
a star of life, 
the soul that rises in me
remembers what was so fugitive,
the first affection, 
the sunny warmth of tenderness
A breath of air blows the slumber  away, 
and set my spirit free.

A fountain of light meanders forth,
a creed of correlation
My high instincts tremble  
 in delight

"peace in silence" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Saturday, November 19, 2011

DAYA 6 : 273.M.1.6 ~ URdaya ~ dalimèr

}}} DaliMèr {{{

She stands before me,
without her cloud of debt,
naked, pure,  my inner self,
pouring out  her sorrow,
the woes she sees …

My former thoughts of grief revive, 
Not even a breeze escapes from the storm that rages

She has never spoken,
until now,

How can we ever reach,
if you need a grey-eyed hiding cloud,
and let your ego play his precious song.
How can I translate,
if it appears you are untouched by solemn thought. 

Faithful love recalls your mind,
to enjoy a glance at your inner eye. 
The moon smiles of joy upon the starry waters
Birds compose their gentle sound of heaven
Flowers throne their colours bright

The sun gives every common earthly sight,
a heavenly light.
If you can bear a gentle touch,
lead your questions to your soul
And in your heart of hearts
you feel your lovely might

"Search in depth" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Friday, November 18, 2011

DAYA 5 : 273.M.1.5 ~ WINDdaya ~ selinoo

}}} Selinoo {{{

I go by  mantra’s of the previous days,
my inner is not now,
as it has ever been.
The things I couldn’t see appealed in celestial light.

The moonshine is a glorious birth
as a candle in the night.
And on the moon I fixed my eye
and lets its tides work.
As ebb and rising water
grief after grief floats away.

I dwell among untrodden paths
that lead me to the spring.
There is she, shy, hidden from the eye,
she, I never sung
and never let be praised,
dressed by a cloud of guilt and penalty.

Love recalled my mind,
how could I be so blind.
And with a tear of joy,
the cloud drips off,
what remains is endless beauty ...
My inner soul

Now I see what was, and is,
and will ever be,
the stream shall glide for ever,
the wind will ever glow to live and act,
and serve the remaining hours
in love and hope and faith

"travel with wind" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DAYA 4 : 273.M.1.4 ~ KINdaya ~ gammaya

}}} Gammaya {{{

I sing }}} Biovoid {{{
}}} Kalikey {{{
}}} Alphaoenix {{{
}}} Gammaya {{{

so I relate the past months
and find my inner pinch
which leads me to a guide of light and love,
who touches my soul
and feeds me winged colours,
bearers of a secret whisper.

}}} Gammaya {{{
transforms the colours into eyes.
They reach the cosmos.
With a panoramic view
they detect any pixel of positivity,
warmth and tenderness.

The  shining eyes reflect as a mirror.
Their rays reach my heart,
as stintless stars,
and twinkling is awakened.

They become just eye
and remains for me rampant sight,
a grace to silent sympathy.

"come to me" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

DAYA 3 : 273.M.1.3 ~ NESSdaya ~ alphaoenix

}}} Alphaoenix {{{

Today is de third day of this moon.
I wonder where the energy will lead me.
I continue the journey that started out with
}}} Biovoid {{{.
}}} Biovoid {{{
as a bridge from the 4th month to the 5th
Using it, it fills me with a sense of spring.

}}} Kalikey {{{ 
makes me feel that there is someone, who leads me.
Then I sing
 }}} Alphaoenix {{{.

The Alfpha opens my hart chakra,
and the Oenix,
… takes me deep down into myself, 
I am a kind of tree rooted in love,
in a way that its sap nourishes me
and causes me to glow so I can shine.

Something odd happens, my body becomes colourful.
Colours on the move,
wanting to spread.
They work together, so that  they form wings.  
Fragile, very modest,
they move them up and down.
This creates a gentle vibration,
like a breath of wind that entrusts me a secret

Like a volcano of colours
they ascend and they spread,
ready to impart the whisper

"one mistake daily" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Monday, November 14, 2011

DAYA 2 : 273.M.1.2 ~ FAdaya ~ kalikey

}}} Kalikey {{{
I prepare my trip to }}} Kalikey {{{
by becoming one with }}} Biovoid {{{.
So I sing }}} Biovoid {{{,
and allow myself to be led
along the path of love inside me,
surrounded by the scent of spring
and by the hum
awakening expectation of renewal all around.
I skip through -play hopscotch with- the buzz of life,
which automatically leads me to my inner source.

Touched by the wings of butterflies
it vibrates all over me,
and I call }}} Kaaa Liiii Key {{{.

My hart gets in touch with its surroundings
and in circling ripples spreads her warmth an connects.
At the same time,
my hemispheres became a celestial orchestra,
playing wonderful sounds.
My head opens and the tones vibrate into space.
They perform a dance with my heart's vibrations.

O look, there’s a hand reaching out,
tenderly like it cames food
from which I can partake and share.

What a reward, this feeling!

"Here I stand" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

Sunday, November 13, 2011

DAYA 1 : 273.M.1.1 ~ MOONdaya ~ biovoid

}}} Biovoid {{{

I chant }}} Biovoid {{{. 
I open my mind,
the light, warmth and strength,
from yesterday’s }} GloryDaya {{
fill my soul, like a day in spring, 
and engulf me with joy,
as a prelude to this moon.

She paints me with a palette of colours,
and bathes me in a rainbow song,
with the strenght of giving birth. 
Her feathered eyes,
remind me of the sea of knowledge which I witnessed:
the secret intentional path of reaching and enrichment.
I open my inner soul,
and lets it drink
in the light and composition of initiation.

It paves its path through my being
and weaves the sacral power of creation into a grail.
The void realms the cosmos,
ready to receive a }} love kweak {{.

"future lies ahead" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } MyKey { & }} De K'uil {{