Friday, November 25, 2011

DAYA 10-12 : 273.M.2.1, .2 , .3 ~ Moon - Fa - Nessdaya

(due to LIVEkweak stream those days are done in triple-sets)

}}} Biovoid {{{

The love kweak helped me 
to discover a path of inner strenght and beauty.
A gift, never seen before
Biovoid impregnates the air, 
with tense expectation
I accept it, with humble delight
The receipt creates something miraculous
Like an inflowering seed, 
yearns for the sun

}}} Alphaoenix {{{

Nourished his path,
finds its way, leads, creates

carries along, reaches

 A meeting
like a breeze, 
a breath
a fresh start

}}} Selinoo {{{

Takes me by the hand
And leads me,
through natures love
the place where I can slake my thirst
I understand
We met, 
like a pleasant thought
We’ve found the source of the sun
that can even sooth a stonestorm

Imprisoned by an not-opened eye

A happy influence
The wisdom of the heart
The homely sympathy


"all things in triple mode stimulate happiness" ~ S'ace

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

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