Monday, November 28, 2011

DAYA 13-14-15 : 273.M.2.4 , .5, .6 ~ Kin - Wind - Urdaya

}}} Siliohm {{{

The floating clouds,
in the centre of the storm
clean-rains all sorrows and all grieves

The doleful melody turns into a spring-song,
the sun paves the world shiny and builds his bow.

The sky colors.
A laughing shout, breaks the silent air.

The quietness of my thoughts,
refreshed by the confidence of understanding
beckons ogling into the joy of life.

}}} Limimah {{{

melts the art of the past
with the present
and moulds it gently to the gleam of a smile on a face.
The air unties the disturbance,
the patience  grows,
as a precious key to the satisfaction of an unfulfilled desire.

The air expectantly lights up,
a sparkling eye,
a  hand reaching,
the lovely wise of sharing joy.

}}} Dalimèr {{{

shows me the forgotten art
to create some wings when we need to flutter.
She learns me to listen
so I can hear the raging storm is but a fragile whisper,
giving a helping hand.

She shows me the chain’s broken,
so we can bring our strengths together

She makes me hear,
the lost words
She teaches me to express the nameless treasures
Let us make some wings,
and free the wind,
and float to the stream of desire,
... together

"triple mode facilitates sound rhythm rhyme" ~ S'ace

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

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