Friday, December 30, 2011

3rd Kweak Moon 6: Daya 1 - MOONdaya )) biovoid ((

(Message from BlogMaster: Last 10 readings moon6 are performed by MyKey. Therefor they will be published daily.)

Message from Mykey, the origin well:
Today starts the  3’th kweak, the void.
For me it is a very special one, because I travel in my mind from the experiences of the love and lifekweak.
I wonder what they did to me, what their story is, why they came on my path. 
I undo the thoughts of my own colouring,  so some beauty can be born.
Conversely, I internalize the wonderful things that happened this week.

The voidkweak is an intensive kweak, in release and be susceptible to the positive.

}}} BIOVOID {{{

So I chant Biovoid,
from the power of the lizard,
the totem of this moon.

I open up my whole body,
every cell of me makes contact.
Farewell attractive material things,
farewell shadows of the morning light,
farewell cheerfulness veiled from human observation.

So I breath a parting tribute to a spot
that seems so precious.
Just to bring me back to the miracle of nature,
destined to give birth of things.  

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Book of the Cube - Introduction


Thursday, December 29, 2011

DAYA 7 8 9 : 273.6.2.C ~ SOUL SIR SUN daya

Trits C: daya 7 8 9 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya {

}}} Gammaya {{{
  makes me feel the beauty that exists,
and shows me what can be born,
the inflowering  things.
 But it is  blurred. 
Why can man don’t clear the fog about himself ?
He just have to admit the light.
 It’s so easy and yet so difficult. 
Self-interest Conditionality Creates a muffled eye,
moist with dark recess
of silent dreary mountains.

The lake below refuses to reflect the melancholic light.

}}} Kalikey {{{

When man can be deeply stirred,
the heart isn’t cold, ..
How can sorrow be approached
What does a place need to be a home
We can stand up for our-selves,
and make our own boundaries…
We are entitled of our own space,
our own magnetic field,
our own being
But I don’t want to live no more behind blinded walls,
or in the darkness of trenches….
From self-esteem we can propagate respect,
so that the other respect us,
just the way we respect him….


}}} Siliaum {{{

I wander in the shadow of a shattered trust.
Old times sight,
abandoned to the wind and praying stars
Changes can’t restore the past …
but hearts and voices unite a song

Bad vibrations fade.

And on the mouldered walls
blooms the shiny thoughts
in everlasting dew.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Monday, December 26, 2011

DAYA 4 5 6 : 273.6.2.B ~ KIN WIND UR daya

Trits B: daya 4 5 6 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya {

}}} SI LI OHM {{{


Sili-ohm sings a never ending song,
while weaving a nest of love and expectation,

And yet I understand,
the closing doors,
on my searching path to find a way to come home.

They are just signs, that there is a special place.
The roof of a humble stable, protection,
and warmth.

}}} LI MI MAHH {{{

Limimah feeds me the primordial power of hearts
It empowers the believe that all is one,
a wholeness, no reasons to fight or quarrel

Just a life beat,
the beat of the mother of all hearts.
Warm, tender, recipient, …

A never ending love,
knowing that we’re fine,
just the way we are.
And with the smell that spring unbinds,
comes the whisper of the wind at night.
Inhaling like a daily breath,
it brings a conscious test,

an exercise of love

}}} DA LI MÈRE {{{

Dalimèr, creates the possibility to communicate,
like the cry needed for the new born baby,
to breath on his own.
Communication, help us to hear and be heard…

And sometimes, I struggle,
and create my own mountains misunderstanding.

And when they confront me face to face,
and throw their misty echo back,
to their creator,
the mountains open up,
and show the hidden valley.

Friday, December 23, 2011

DAYA 1 2 3 : 273.6.2.A ~ MOON FA NESS daya

(Trits A: daya 1 2 3 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya)

}}} B i o V o i D {{{

Biovoid creates me a rainbowbridge,
of all the beauty and strength of the love kweak,
coloured by the power of the lizard,
the totem of this sixth moon
and seasoned with the motion of the moon.

Ready to live from the grace of the warrior

}}} Al phA OE nIX {{{

Chanting alphaoenix
I root with the lizard,
the little creature that looks for the sun,
the search from his soul to consciousness.
This rooting path reflects her wisdom like a mirror,
and shows how to find
my rhythm and balance in this time.

It shows me how to reach
a state of non-judgement and recognizing the beauty of all. 
The wisdom to be happy,
to share, to love and to be loved.

}}} Se Li Noo {{{

Selinoo bathes in the glitter of the sun.
She makes everything move.

She flushes my ego-gnomes ..

I can equalize my thoughts,
and extend my equality to others.

The arise of the beautiful human being in me,
in us.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DAYA 7 8 9 : 273.6.1.C ~ SOUL SIR SUN daya


}}} SILIOHM {{{

From the affections
pure and human in their source,
departs a fresh impulse.
The hum leads me to a  little bee,
that sucks the flowers honey free.

And then, I notice,
what to see ...
she fertilizes in humility,
with the power of birth

}}} LIMIMAH {{{

I embrace natures gift,
as a heart-warming compass
to travel the fields of human love and life.  

There is no lonely tree. 
Spring loves the barren bough,
and a sprinkling river spread the herbant green.

Live appears a kindred thought,
and even when a lonely tear touches the grond,
it brings no dead nor unfruitful life.
It is perhaps the wiser thou,
the heart that kept its pure.

}}} SILIAUM {{{

The bee hums me his special grace,
a remembrance of our nature.

strong but also meek,
look around with wonder,
feeds me his vital power,
to open like a flower

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Saturday, December 17, 2011

DAYA 4 5 6 : 273.6.1.B ~ KIN WIND UR daya

And thus I turn to Gammaya.

}}} Gammm aH Yah {{{

My hartchakra opens,
... with every beat it pulsates love,
and care, true believe and softness. 
The pain and fear melt like snow in the sun. 
The melt water washes and refreshes the craving seed. 
The gaining spiritual power, crumbles the blind wall.
The new born eye sheds an exulting tear,
and blesses the ground. 
So I graft the smooth and happy thoughts on a fair spot.
A precious source of liveliest hope explores my being.
 It flows, it flows,
oh what a gentle touch …

reaching hands,
a caress,
a heart greeting.

Thanks to the vision donated by Gammaya,
I immerse myself in Selinoo,

}}} Sail in Nooh {{{

who takes the simmer of my sight.
With a rumbling sound, 
I float my flow,
attracted to the harvest I desire.
I meditate in peace
and see into the dept of human souls
I wash away all sorts of impatience,
and false hope,
even the heat of excessive zeal,
the vain contents and self applauding intellect.

I search to find the field of human life in heart and mind. 
The natural beauty in the daily’s song,
in chanted hymnes and stiller voice …
and then I find just when not sought …

in contact without reserve …

Calmness comes, equal to what nature gives
Inspired by gratitude and confidence
I chant Dalimèr,

}}} Dah lee mère {{{

to find the words
that benefit the humblest intellect.
To adorn them with feelings of love.
As a modest, welcoming station
salutes the being at his birth of life and love,
by re-connecting with the universal heart.

Her wisdom breath an everlasting motion
that builds up my human soul.
So I speak the words of silence,
even with most beauteous thoughts,
the true and purest contact  is without reserve.

The creation of a rainbowbridge,
the exemption of time and space.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DAYA 1 2 3 : 273.6.1.A ~ MOON FA NESS daya

} trits'A combines daya 1 2 3 mantra''s in a reading {

With ) Biovoid (

))) Bi O Void (((

I activate de button of the past moon,
where I learned to strenghten myself, and the magical ability to glow. 
By glowing up,
I notice other lights, … 
It seems we‘re all connected to each other,… 
I just have to find
the rhythm  as a sacral movement for the dance of treasure.

I call ) Kalikey (

 ))) KAh Lee KeY (((

who sprinkles  the muse of life,
decked with the smell of sweetly breathing flowers. 
He arrives in a car of laughing sound,
and invites me to step in.
He takes me on a trip,
and shows how to use the weight of aging darkness,
to live the life of youthful glee. 
So I can dance and sing,
and breath a sun-bright morning,
a playful trip to the beat of natures heart.

Fulfilled with what I saw,
I address to ) Alphaoenix (

))) Alll Fa Oen Niche (((

A dizzying trip leads me to my roots.

Shall I find the beat within, or was it just a hopeful dream.  
Should I look for  sand, or search the grains of golden thoughts? 
And what,
if I can’t save them
for the pitiless wave of dark and misunderstanding?

What if the heat, caused by the mirror reflex,
turns them into glass? 
How can those grains germinate?  
Help Me to create fertile ground.