Monday, December 5, 2011

DAYA 22 : 273.M.3.4 ~ Kindaya ~ dalimèr

I work out the whole row of mantra’s of this kweak starting at Biovoid.
 I notice that some additional experiences from previous days,
 and still a bit of experiencens of the last 2 kweak modestly waits in the background.
 I empty the emotion and create an intentional bowl.

The limimah gives  that intention to  the noosphere,
 and works like a grail while  my heart chakra is entirely open and connects like a spirale. 
The grounding alphaoenix acts as a vital elixer,
 like the awakening of nature after a winterperiod.

And now I arrive at
}}} Dalimer {{{
This is a very special feeling, especially because of the kweak. 
The 'Da' connects with my heart chakra, and from that connection, with the intentions associated with the experiences of  the past kweaks, the intentions that are released to the noosphere, from a loving union. 
The li provides a communication at the level of my hemispheres. It opens my crown chakra, and also makes my hemispheres communicate with each other. It gives me a colourfull sound and light show, and it looks like a sort of slumber vibrating up, and from above.

The waves seem only vertical waves. It feels like partying in my head very light and cheerful. 
At the same time I have an sensation from my heart where everything vibrates horizontally and sprawls like circles in a river. 
These vertical crownwaves meets the horizontal heartwaves in another dimension.
The ‘mèr’ provides a sound expression, a cry to be heard.
A gentle tone from a minestrel's harp that fills the air with a dawn of promise
It works like a bridge to the other persons to whom the intents are addressed.
And also as a bridge inside me, to makes me accept the beauty within. 
It functions as a wave of breath, a wind wave,
it prevents the other waves (crown and heart) to form a vortex.

 It makes it all comes together in one smooth motion, and increases the flow.
 It's a warm, loving power that gently touches  my creature. 
The sparkling waves in glee, fills my heart with pleasure and dances in the breeze of kalikey.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

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