Thursday, December 29, 2011

DAYA 7 8 9 : 273.6.2.C ~ SOUL SIR SUN daya

Trits C: daya 7 8 9 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya {

}}} Gammaya {{{
  makes me feel the beauty that exists,
and shows me what can be born,
the inflowering  things.
 But it is  blurred. 
Why can man don’t clear the fog about himself ?
He just have to admit the light.
 It’s so easy and yet so difficult. 
Self-interest Conditionality Creates a muffled eye,
moist with dark recess
of silent dreary mountains.

The lake below refuses to reflect the melancholic light.

}}} Kalikey {{{

When man can be deeply stirred,
the heart isn’t cold, ..
How can sorrow be approached
What does a place need to be a home
We can stand up for our-selves,
and make our own boundaries…
We are entitled of our own space,
our own magnetic field,
our own being
But I don’t want to live no more behind blinded walls,
or in the darkness of trenches….
From self-esteem we can propagate respect,
so that the other respect us,
just the way we respect him….


}}} Siliaum {{{

I wander in the shadow of a shattered trust.
Old times sight,
abandoned to the wind and praying stars
Changes can’t restore the past …
but hearts and voices unite a song

Bad vibrations fade.

And on the mouldered walls
blooms the shiny thoughts
in everlasting dew.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


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  1. Shadows fall when the light is bright and clear, pure as water.