Monday, December 26, 2011

DAYA 4 5 6 : 273.6.2.B ~ KIN WIND UR daya

Trits B: daya 4 5 6 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya {

}}} SI LI OHM {{{


Sili-ohm sings a never ending song,
while weaving a nest of love and expectation,

And yet I understand,
the closing doors,
on my searching path to find a way to come home.

They are just signs, that there is a special place.
The roof of a humble stable, protection,
and warmth.

}}} LI MI MAHH {{{

Limimah feeds me the primordial power of hearts
It empowers the believe that all is one,
a wholeness, no reasons to fight or quarrel

Just a life beat,
the beat of the mother of all hearts.
Warm, tender, recipient, …

A never ending love,
knowing that we’re fine,
just the way we are.
And with the smell that spring unbinds,
comes the whisper of the wind at night.
Inhaling like a daily breath,
it brings a conscious test,

an exercise of love

}}} DA LI MÈRE {{{

Dalimèr, creates the possibility to communicate,
like the cry needed for the new born baby,
to breath on his own.
Communication, help us to hear and be heard…

And sometimes, I struggle,
and create my own mountains misunderstanding.

And when they confront me face to face,
and throw their misty echo back,
to their creator,
the mountains open up,
and show the hidden valley.

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