Sunday, October 7, 2012

kweak section 4 - tutorial

a draft handled in this section

later more will follow ...

kweak section 2 - tutorial

this section is describen column wise ...

day in current moon
 daynumber is in Gregorian Moon as a reference
 cultural number given by Valum Votan from channeling & "033"

tree kweak
 written 3K=tHreekweak to bring back H in life as relationship
it is the sum of DS and MT as if walking Left and Right Brains
3K KIN(sum DS+MT)
seal-label given to the KIN as a number for the daytime period
remember the number "forgotten" is the night KIN !!!
Mantra / Chanti
exercise to make alive the sound within the world scenario
the variance in Kweak makes aware inherent body systems
WAVE harmonic
this gives the idea for a wholly wave in a "week" of 9 energetic units that combine into the perfect balance (as once on Earth)
label kweakdaynumber
these labels origin from a beach channeling in the Netherlands
 kweak number
57 is yearkin (DS red seal) ; 1=love 2=life 3=live (void)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jose Arguelles & his Votan Bride

studying the WORK of José et All Kin

this came up
channeled focus on his destiny & accomplished works'

from a geometric point of s'ilence
3K kin 242 sounds as this weavings

"33~Red Resonant Skywalker streamed the research
in the wholly theme of synchronicity as Tzolkin & 13Moon"

"165~Red Solar Serpent mobilized the LifeForce into Kin"

"198~White Electric Mirror activated all Reflection needed on 1221"

a noosphere class tutor
mystery queen surrendering


33 is a HAND - WAVE spice - the Balancing Healer

165 is an EARTH - WAVE spice - the Mobilising Navigator

198 is a WARRIOR - WAVE spice - the Activating Fearless Worshipper

Thursday, October 4, 2012

kweak section 1 - tutorial

here the context where section 1 is a part of 4 sections popping "the fifth"
The RED section One is the Magnetic Tone
while it resonates in all that follows within

3 main lines
  • 10 tones , here alignes as a path from 1 to 10
  • 10 seals, 7 alike to plasma seals inspired by Valum Votan, Law of Time
  • a synchrone affirmation as DreamSpell touched by Bolon Ik
Ten tones
these tones guide the 10 days put together on the third moon of every kweak
this means 9 regular daya fuse with the 10th which is actually daya 28 of a full moon track ...
the "sidereal" moon days counting 27 are glueing together with the next 27 ...
which makes 27 + 27 moondays glued ... with 3 "zerodates" ...
in kweak notation 2.28, 3.28 and 4.28 form a capsule with 54 + 3 = 57 days ...

this number 57 is known from the STONEHENGE formation as tipped here.

see section 4 - final

10 seals
here we group them to the third year of the OverTone Serpent Cycle of 4 kweakyears.
this means the 3 sets are sun - moon - fa , ness - kin - wind , ur - soul - sir
numbered as 3.1 to 3.9 ...
they are aligned to the column Sound / Mantra / Chant that vibrate chakra's

Notice that seal 1 and 9 as well as the tenth are always on the same position enduring the moon, them three kweaks.

this is inspired by the DreamSpell 13moon calendar ... - see link pdf - resonant storm
Holon Ik as a blogmaster changes it each time a little bit, there by fusing the Absolute with the Relative ..

~~~ a Holon Ik discovery enduring the search ...

"February is an obscure reference to a type of entrails used in a form of divination."

but it is decrypted by this
  • get rid of the similar as in january
  • this leaves FEBR
  • then use 2 number coding systems
  • classic: 6 5 2 18 : 31 => what does it indicate : 3 horizontal spheres , 1 zone?
  • holonik: 6 5 2 9 : 22 => this is kin number for Bolon Ik, lover of Pacal Votan
  • it also refers to the period the piramide of Gizeh was built ... (by "the Lords" ?)

summary of 3 moons ...

Since .... july 24 - start of kweakyear 57 - red overtone earth - hardly a blognote was added here 

tille recently we initiated a co-operative mission with 0-my-key ...
she handles 3 Questions while practicing Kweak for over a Year at a stream ...

the image here pictures the joint:

so here we put the linkage index to pass them all in a sequence of choice:

how to read the kweak?
what can Kweak mean for people Uniting?
who practices Kweak Mantra Chant & Why?

Section 3 tutorial


}}}  have a GooD time co-creating oUR sol'ut~ions  {{{

As a time guided crew
we got into a schedule that governs another aeon considering this story ...
-it is a clip on 7 generations to come-
It seems Good Human Thought to accept this considering the Human Race
actually it seems to fit very well in this planetary current ...

so these 9 moons gather "the matter" , "the mather" , "the mother":

57 moon 1 2 3

TimeSpace Establishes Cosmos as One Universal Mind
kweakmoon 4 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q72

Tree of Cosmic Fire returns to Source as Star Mind
kweakmoon 5 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q80