Thursday, June 21, 2012

them violins

my free-end Théodore inspires from unpioneared grounds and dispioneered ones too

so he has a lot of lyrical strophes that amuze and muze too

there was an Italian Guy singing his burial speach ... on stages

here making it to a big show with dutch andré rieu orchestre 

orchestre might be other castre / casting / castle

always on the move hidin' the golden treasures

to Théo

release all your plans
and they will grow
and blow from themselves
near the Maroc shore

why here on kweak
well we cannot be Sirius all the time, aye

it is june 21 , soulstice'cold on northern hemispere 

phoenix aria-zone played by prisian casts 
in a dark room of Democlues

"the increditable prusians"

here thunder and lightning strikes in Zwolle
the hotstones are outside in the rain pluggin the energy of soulstice
just weave it with the thoughts loving alll
who also hope in their living dreams

when assistance is required
try breath universal-fire breath again and so on ...
in a mysterious contact

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

seeding venus 2012

let this composition speak from itself ...

time is an energy keeper ?!

why not, it governs ... ; is governed by VENUS - EARTH - SUN alignment

neu ree bah


today :   L I M I M A H 

tomorrow :  S I L I A U M

june 6 : SUNdaya in kweak 13.5 - heaven  at overtone phase
                                                                                (cell bottom left  in keeper)

in a contemplated vision ...
the top right cell is the sun ..
the top left and bottom right one are 2004 and 2012 ...
they all match 8 years ...

that could be it! aye!
the time keeper keeps its premise


including a movie: