Saturday, September 28, 2013


examinine the ol' . the ancient ordering rules ...

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while Awakening Planetary Consciousness goes on flow wit Planetary Awakening (cms Lucknow India practices)

some people are in a minority to let their Bell Ring ..

this is an arranged situation for Kapital ..
as we learned to believe that objects for exchange .. and their handy 

Always protected is the holyness for religious clans - and in their eyes for "ex-pats"

This pivots in a totally polarized perspective when one is invited to enchant the new as "NOO"

does a reader connect here , one may ask - but that is inclusive for a sorcerer "kibernauthing"

in this chapter we only see for grounded numerical passages for 2 words familiar in seperated world .. but then they might intervent on each other ..
we'll see the experiment .. this is live enchanting ..


9 8 1 12 12 12
this repetition on 12 might have spoken to the believers on number 12 for stars or tribes or halves of days , aye?
what did 9 8 1 communicate according Frederick Weinrebs "Bible book"

54 is the total as 9 to 5 and 3x3x5 elementary

Then we see for 
(Merlins S'word)

5 4 3 1 12 9 2 7 10 (ends in perfect 10?)
12 22 19 (see note below)
43 is the total as ... hmmm PRIME number lock??
does it mean 3+4 = 7 ??
try this one:
42+1 => 43
and consider this worldwide say on 42 (g**gle for more)
Does humor bring a laugh with deepest wisdom?

elemental 42 speaks 6x7 as 2x3x7 .. where 2 and 3 are harmonizing numbers : see
2^3 = 8 and 3^2 makes 9 .. (does make dumb or gives base for reception pivot)

so only 3 is a match elementary on SHALOM & EXCALIBUR (S AND Y?)

recent insights match shalom to the chakra wheels in 


while 2nd and 6th wheels are double ones mixing YIN & YANG

what is the numerical outcome?
9 88 1 12 12 88 12
54 + 24 logically from previous result makes 78 (2x39)

39 is very interesting while it pops 3x13
double 39 is resonant on 88 .. in enchanting modus/states

elementary 78 leads to 2x3x13

so there is another sync on the EXCALIBUR elemental calculus
2x3x13 & 2x3x7

For decyphering talents this syncs into euphoric states that even bring new insights .. often make memory bases open for very ancient set-ups 

Thanks specially to MyKeY & Leon' & the many making this earthbase humanrace again ..

S'ace , teletransithor

') how come S is 9 ?
consider is 19th character in alphabet ..
then it is a clear QURAN number - which is a subsync
from Z ia 1 it only reaches to 8
but then when & is on 26 (2x13) it goes on 9 : that simple it iz .. for itz (running blood)

88) is in dutch quite elegant put in the national painters work "de NACHTWACHT"
this painting is actually not for the show but for the title , in dutch N8W8
- english known as NIGHTWATCH also KnightWatch (a clock?!)
N is +/- 90 degrees equal to Z , the 27th character in reset alphabet
W indicates 4 fingers from ol' alphabet ..
but then by & insert it became 5 again ..
5 indicates 8 on one hand Left & Right .. (& is both 'and' and 'or' as dialogical token)
crazy & logical & rational & magical as well as very human / hueman

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

kweak fun ding

(the story behind this and its reading will follow in 3 kin)

first we have the circumstances, rougly (it is history)

then we have peace and a reset for people to unite and grow into blow ... (an anecdote)

finally we narrate the esotherical meaning, read by "the oracleman"