Sunday, October 7, 2012

kweak section 4 - tutorial

a draft handled in this section

later more will follow ...

kweak section 2 - tutorial

this section is describen column wise ...

day in current moon
 daynumber is in Gregorian Moon as a reference
 cultural number given by Valum Votan from channeling & "033"

tree kweak
 written 3K=tHreekweak to bring back H in life as relationship
it is the sum of DS and MT as if walking Left and Right Brains
3K KIN(sum DS+MT)
seal-label given to the KIN as a number for the daytime period
remember the number "forgotten" is the night KIN !!!
Mantra / Chanti
exercise to make alive the sound within the world scenario
the variance in Kweak makes aware inherent body systems
WAVE harmonic
this gives the idea for a wholly wave in a "week" of 9 energetic units that combine into the perfect balance (as once on Earth)
label kweakdaynumber
these labels origin from a beach channeling in the Netherlands
 kweak number
57 is yearkin (DS red seal) ; 1=love 2=life 3=live (void)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jose Arguelles & his Votan Bride

studying the WORK of José et All Kin

this came up
channeled focus on his destiny & accomplished works'

from a geometric point of s'ilence
3K kin 242 sounds as this weavings

"33~Red Resonant Skywalker streamed the research
in the wholly theme of synchronicity as Tzolkin & 13Moon"

"165~Red Solar Serpent mobilized the LifeForce into Kin"

"198~White Electric Mirror activated all Reflection needed on 1221"

a noosphere class tutor
mystery queen surrendering


33 is a HAND - WAVE spice - the Balancing Healer

165 is an EARTH - WAVE spice - the Mobilising Navigator

198 is a WARRIOR - WAVE spice - the Activating Fearless Worshipper

Thursday, October 4, 2012

kweak section 1 - tutorial

here the context where section 1 is a part of 4 sections popping "the fifth"
The RED section One is the Magnetic Tone
while it resonates in all that follows within

3 main lines
  • 10 tones , here alignes as a path from 1 to 10
  • 10 seals, 7 alike to plasma seals inspired by Valum Votan, Law of Time
  • a synchrone affirmation as DreamSpell touched by Bolon Ik
Ten tones
these tones guide the 10 days put together on the third moon of every kweak
this means 9 regular daya fuse with the 10th which is actually daya 28 of a full moon track ...
the "sidereal" moon days counting 27 are glueing together with the next 27 ...
which makes 27 + 27 moondays glued ... with 3 "zerodates" ...
in kweak notation 2.28, 3.28 and 4.28 form a capsule with 54 + 3 = 57 days ...

this number 57 is known from the STONEHENGE formation as tipped here.

see section 4 - final

10 seals
here we group them to the third year of the OverTone Serpent Cycle of 4 kweakyears.
this means the 3 sets are sun - moon - fa , ness - kin - wind , ur - soul - sir
numbered as 3.1 to 3.9 ...
they are aligned to the column Sound / Mantra / Chant that vibrate chakra's

Notice that seal 1 and 9 as well as the tenth are always on the same position enduring the moon, them three kweaks.

this is inspired by the DreamSpell 13moon calendar ... - see link pdf - resonant storm
Holon Ik as a blogmaster changes it each time a little bit, there by fusing the Absolute with the Relative ..

~~~ a Holon Ik discovery enduring the search ...

"February is an obscure reference to a type of entrails used in a form of divination."

but it is decrypted by this
  • get rid of the similar as in january
  • this leaves FEBR
  • then use 2 number coding systems
  • classic: 6 5 2 18 : 31 => what does it indicate : 3 horizontal spheres , 1 zone?
  • holonik: 6 5 2 9 : 22 => this is kin number for Bolon Ik, lover of Pacal Votan
  • it also refers to the period the piramide of Gizeh was built ... (by "the Lords" ?)

summary of 3 moons ...

Since .... july 24 - start of kweakyear 57 - red overtone earth - hardly a blognote was added here 

tille recently we initiated a co-operative mission with 0-my-key ...
she handles 3 Questions while practicing Kweak for over a Year at a stream ...

the image here pictures the joint:

so here we put the linkage index to pass them all in a sequence of choice:

how to read the kweak?
what can Kweak mean for people Uniting?
who practices Kweak Mantra Chant & Why?

Section 3 tutorial


}}}  have a GooD time co-creating oUR sol'ut~ions  {{{

As a time guided crew
we got into a schedule that governs another aeon considering this story ...
-it is a clip on 7 generations to come-
It seems Good Human Thought to accept this considering the Human Race
actually it seems to fit very well in this planetary current ...

so these 9 moons gather "the matter" , "the mather" , "the mother":

57 moon 1 2 3

TimeSpace Establishes Cosmos as One Universal Mind
kweakmoon 4 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q72

Tree of Cosmic Fire returns to Source as Star Mind
kweakmoon 5 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q80

Sunday, September 30, 2012

in phase 3 as tone within 13

imagine how pelgrims came to write the third character


then after a touchdown ...

dome queeste is put on screen

the ninestar guidance


is it guidance ??

after alll  


(is "w" just the upper part?)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

announcing july 24 - earth overtone year

Dear Ones at Healers Wheel ;-)) welll overcome !

some turbulence is managed to overcome with a little help from kinships ..

this is how the Overtone Serpent years communicate some pre-ture contemplating na-ture

here a table that rewrites kweak mantras into the direction, destiny, so close ...

Kweak / Arrival
Noo Sound
Ol’ Writing
Origin / Departure
Root / 1
Alpha / 5 - throat
Sacral / 2
Seli / 1 - root
Plexus Solar / 3
Silio / 4 - heart
Heart / 4
Limi / 3 - plexus
Throat / 5
Dali / 7 - crown
3rd Eye / 6
Gamma / 6 - eye
Crown / 7
Kali / 2 - sacral
Hara / 8
Bolon Ik
Red Queen
Valum Votan
Pacal Votan

as Telektonon was installed
on the receiving earthling spiced 22
them kinshippers kept saying AHOY Bolon IK ...

what abut 20 twelve . AYE ??

so s/he changed a'Gain into
13 is collective love
12 is commodating life
11 is comforting void
10 is complotted noosphere

1-9 is every kweak
accomplishing a timespace mini cycle

special link for ITZ

Thursday, June 21, 2012

them violins

my free-end Théodore inspires from unpioneared grounds and dispioneered ones too

so he has a lot of lyrical strophes that amuze and muze too

there was an Italian Guy singing his burial speach ... on stages

here making it to a big show with dutch andré rieu orchestre 

orchestre might be other castre / casting / castle

always on the move hidin' the golden treasures

to Théo

release all your plans
and they will grow
and blow from themselves
near the Maroc shore

why here on kweak
well we cannot be Sirius all the time, aye

it is june 21 , soulstice'cold on northern hemispere 

phoenix aria-zone played by prisian casts 
in a dark room of Democlues

"the increditable prusians"

here thunder and lightning strikes in Zwolle
the hotstones are outside in the rain pluggin the energy of soulstice
just weave it with the thoughts loving alll
who also hope in their living dreams

when assistance is required
try breath universal-fire breath again and so on ...
in a mysterious contact

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

seeding venus 2012

let this composition speak from itself ...

time is an energy keeper ?!

why not, it governs ... ; is governed by VENUS - EARTH - SUN alignment

neu ree bah


today :   L I M I M A H 

tomorrow :  S I L I A U M

june 6 : SUNdaya in kweak 13.5 - heaven  at overtone phase
                                                                                (cell bottom left  in keeper)

in a contemplated vision ...
the top right cell is the sun ..
the top left and bottom right one are 2004 and 2012 ...
they all match 8 years ...

that could be it! aye!
the time keeper keeps its premise


including a movie:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


is in fact the 57 gridpoint in the 4Dimensional timegrid kweak allows as 13 moon catalyst.

so what is sophia but:
  • the bolon ik lovermate of pacal votan (see image below)
  • the multiple tortuga shield of cancer , the zodiak water sign 69
  • the sphere that breeded another kernel as resonant monad
  • } more by U? {
 in kweak it is similar to the leapday

so we have
  • 13 daya out of moon each moon GLORYdaya
  • 1 daya out of sun each year; four times per time-kin
  • 1 daya out if timecycle; once per time-kin: SOPHIAdaya
  • summarized 4x13+4+1 => 57 daya out of rhythm affirming the rhythm
 While miss a label for the yeargrid ... we might label that one as LIFEdaya...


9th Lord'ener of Time

Monday, May 14, 2012

kweak in third cycle

while running in the third cycle, kweak itself shifts from mantra singing and reading into the sphere we prepared while longing for this with so many on this planet ...

shifting means transistion while thresholds suddenly disappeared ...

another ascencion daya is there , check the kweaking current kweak 11.2 ...

having serpent as the green bird in the middle of kweak ...
ascension day on the right wing belowww: 3rd feather from the middle ...

here is a crystal emphasising the time holon activated:

Just check the energies active on the 13 moon calendar services by PAN & DreamSpell movement

Kweak is just made possible by the work delivered by Valum Votan & Red Serpent & LawofTime crew

dispensation from DS Bolon Ik spiced kin:

change the week to a kweak of 9 daya!
change frequency from 7777 into 9991

leave the ol'ship

moon 11 / spectral liberates

}}} know that 22 is tenfold 220 both accounting 242 {{{

MOON 1 governs 22 BIRTHyear in DS
MOON 1 governs 220 on CRYSTAL tone 12 in WAVEspell Mayan Tzolkin
EAGLE 1 governs GALACTIC tone 8 in WAVEspell TREEkweak

3 spells correlate & coordinate as a kins GPS in NOOsphere

Saturday, May 12, 2012

kweak sol ution

Daya of … Experience
13 moon
4 years
365 / 366

here the kweak vision on dimensions is given ...

3D is a sun ruled dimension which includes moon and kin (here daya too)

measuring time is not a daily not a moonly not a sun reigned practice

according kweak ...

it is a more wholly harmoniq that goes on kin/time measure invoking smaller numbers on refined moments that ingrain memory ... resonance.

so the illusion time goes faster each year, it may even become more interesting matching thoughts in human wisdom on a wholly peaceful way as humans are equiped to practice this aeon / sphere ...

noosphere is calling and its voice growwws day by day

mark 351 as a 9 to 39 match from 9 x 3 x 13 also 3^3 x 13 a prime cubic product from 13

invoking a 9 star equilibrium?

can we explore this theory on a kweakbase numbering?

we will see for three results that invoke a center ...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serpent Moon guided the Dog Moon!

hellowwwah readers!

at this blog it sows we forgot the 10th moon to bloGGG ...
but then is this a reality we belief?

i don't think we forgot this 10th one with DOG as totem for the Heart as PowerSpin;
maybe the S'ilence itself did maintain the grid we build all the time ...
reaching out for the other side ...

here we see the Serpent moon, and illustrate the second - the life - kweak:

(we all might know ...)
the numbers are sort of building a resonant field in most densed information
(as characters and numbers form fields of mutual resonance)

here we Symbol, Serpent, Skywalker. S'ilence & Spin
5 S' words (as S'ace is too)

but then we discovered a holonic behaviour within the Alphabeth itself ...
when we see this whole in this perspective:
however the middle words NM donot seem in line the A & Z fit "their spot"
the second half Z to (NM) takes more bandwidth
(over 1 average character)

anyway ...
when we give numbers to both arrays as 1 -26
then each character gets 27 as a sum of both positions
which is of course "a dead rule"
but then it speaks for kweak that this number is 27
simple because it represents 3 to 9 =:> 27 (9)


HOW does this MOON line up with 10?

10 is each daya we live in a harmoniq stream

so moon 1 to 9 streams with 13 12 11 into 10 all the time

but then how can we connect with this weaved grid?

this is by contemplating the individual and the collective
( ,which definitely is no complex neither a multiplex )

lets handle this 13 => 9 & 3 into 1ness in kweak 11.3
(notice ness is pinpointing to the 5th and central daya in each kweak of 9 daya)

neu ree bah !  S'aceHeartH

(remember S and H are both resonating 8, 19 & 27)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

inner core 9th time dimension

after some mantra initiatons by MyKeY
we sense the opportunity given by numbers 22 & 28 vibrating from a crash in Switserland.

"the tunnel of love" may be the label for that tunnel from now onwards ...

indeed it is a title from a song , Dire Straights ... so have it in comfort on your vibe ...

22 : mobilising the enchanting of human specie or do you prefer the contrachant applicable?
28: challenging the healers perspective given 22 children offering their upmost future alignment, 6 adults guide their souls ... probably including the driver at a seat ...

but then we have to hold on the mission at charge ...
now on the 1st daya of the 2nd kweak in the 9th moon of solar intend .. realizing energy into information articulated by another source as a intermediate at mass intervention: transduce & transit

the tzolkin mediator station comes up todaya Serpent on Kweak Moon Daya ,
1 daya after 185 on DreamSpell - vibrated on Mystery Queen, our beloved Angel &LightWorker Claire.
(see for this crucial time, the article meant)

here the clip that explains a bit more on the actual shift at unload phase ...

this all popping up the essence of number nine - the femi-nine ... attractor at each human base

this all may be painly while entering the new stage , the noosphere premise(D)

in ah mity, S'ace