Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serpent Moon guided the Dog Moon!

hellowwwah readers!

at this blog it sows we forgot the 10th moon to bloGGG ...
but then is this a reality we belief?

i don't think we forgot this 10th one with DOG as totem for the Heart as PowerSpin;
maybe the S'ilence itself did maintain the grid we build all the time ...
reaching out for the other side ...

here we see the Serpent moon, and illustrate the second - the life - kweak:

(we all might know ...)
the numbers are sort of building a resonant field in most densed information
(as characters and numbers form fields of mutual resonance)

here we Symbol, Serpent, Skywalker. S'ilence & Spin
5 S' words (as S'ace is too)

but then we discovered a holonic behaviour within the Alphabeth itself ...
when we see this whole in this perspective:
however the middle words NM donot seem in line the A & Z fit "their spot"
the second half Z to (NM) takes more bandwidth
(over 1 average character)

anyway ...
when we give numbers to both arrays as 1 -26
then each character gets 27 as a sum of both positions
which is of course "a dead rule"
but then it speaks for kweak that this number is 27
simple because it represents 3 to 9 =:> 27 (9)


HOW does this MOON line up with 10?

10 is each daya we live in a harmoniq stream

so moon 1 to 9 streams with 13 12 11 into 10 all the time

but then how can we connect with this weaved grid?

this is by contemplating the individual and the collective
( ,which definitely is no complex neither a multiplex )

lets handle this 13 => 9 & 3 into 1ness in kweak 11.3
(notice ness is pinpointing to the 5th and central daya in each kweak of 9 daya)

neu ree bah !  S'aceHeartH

(remember S and H are both resonating 8, 19 & 27)

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