Tuesday, May 22, 2012


is in fact the 57 gridpoint in the 4Dimensional timegrid kweak allows as 13 moon catalyst.

so what is sophia but:
  • the bolon ik lovermate of pacal votan (see image below)
  • the multiple tortuga shield of cancer , the zodiak water sign 69
  • the sphere that breeded another kernel as resonant monad
  • } more by U? {
 in kweak it is similar to the leapday

so we have
  • 13 daya out of moon each moon GLORYdaya
  • 1 daya out of sun each year; four times per time-kin
  • 1 daya out if timecycle; once per time-kin: SOPHIAdaya
  • summarized 4x13+4+1 => 57 daya out of rhythm affirming the rhythm
 While miss a label for the yeargrid ... we might label that one as LIFEdaya...


9th Lord'ener of Time

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