Monday, May 14, 2012

kweak in third cycle

while running in the third cycle, kweak itself shifts from mantra singing and reading into the sphere we prepared while longing for this with so many on this planet ...

shifting means transistion while thresholds suddenly disappeared ...

another ascencion daya is there , check the kweaking current kweak 11.2 ...

having serpent as the green bird in the middle of kweak ...
ascension day on the right wing belowww: 3rd feather from the middle ...

here is a crystal emphasising the time holon activated:

Just check the energies active on the 13 moon calendar services by PAN & DreamSpell movement

Kweak is just made possible by the work delivered by Valum Votan & Red Serpent & LawofTime crew

dispensation from DS Bolon Ik spiced kin:

change the week to a kweak of 9 daya!
change frequency from 7777 into 9991

leave the ol'ship

moon 11 / spectral liberates

}}} know that 22 is tenfold 220 both accounting 242 {{{

MOON 1 governs 22 BIRTHyear in DS
MOON 1 governs 220 on CRYSTAL tone 12 in WAVEspell Mayan Tzolkin
EAGLE 1 governs GALACTIC tone 8 in WAVEspell TREEkweak

3 spells correlate & coordinate as a kins GPS in NOOsphere

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