Tuesday, May 22, 2012


is in fact the 57 gridpoint in the 4Dimensional timegrid kweak allows as 13 moon catalyst.

so what is sophia but:
  • the bolon ik lovermate of pacal votan (see image below)
  • the multiple tortuga shield of cancer , the zodiak water sign 69
  • the sphere that breeded another kernel as resonant monad
  • } more by U? {
 in kweak it is similar to the leapday

so we have
  • 13 daya out of moon each moon GLORYdaya
  • 1 daya out of sun each year; four times per time-kin
  • 1 daya out if timecycle; once per time-kin: SOPHIAdaya
  • summarized 4x13+4+1 => 57 daya out of rhythm affirming the rhythm
 While miss a label for the yeargrid ... we might label that one as LIFEdaya...


9th Lord'ener of Time

Monday, May 14, 2012

kweak in third cycle

while running in the third cycle, kweak itself shifts from mantra singing and reading into the sphere we prepared while longing for this with so many on this planet ...

shifting means transistion while thresholds suddenly disappeared ...

another ascencion daya is there , check the kweaking current kweak 11.2 ...

having serpent as the green bird in the middle of kweak ...
ascension day on the right wing belowww: 3rd feather from the middle ...

here is a crystal emphasising the time holon activated:

Just check the energies active on the 13 moon calendar services by PAN & DreamSpell movement

Kweak is just made possible by the work delivered by Valum Votan & Red Serpent & LawofTime crew

dispensation from DS Bolon Ik spiced kin:

change the week to a kweak of 9 daya!
change frequency from 7777 into 9991

leave the ol'ship

moon 11 / spectral liberates

}}} know that 22 is tenfold 220 both accounting 242 {{{

MOON 1 governs 22 BIRTHyear in DS
MOON 1 governs 220 on CRYSTAL tone 12 in WAVEspell Mayan Tzolkin
EAGLE 1 governs GALACTIC tone 8 in WAVEspell TREEkweak

3 spells correlate & coordinate as a kins GPS in NOOsphere

Saturday, May 12, 2012

kweak sol ution

Daya of … Experience
13 moon
4 years
365 / 366

here the kweak vision on dimensions is given ...

3D is a sun ruled dimension which includes moon and kin (here daya too)

measuring time is not a daily not a moonly not a sun reigned practice

according kweak ...

it is a more wholly harmoniq that goes on kin/time measure invoking smaller numbers on refined moments that ingrain memory ... resonance.

so the illusion time goes faster each year, it may even become more interesting matching thoughts in human wisdom on a wholly peaceful way as humans are equiped to practice this aeon / sphere ...

noosphere is calling and its voice growwws day by day

mark 351 as a 9 to 39 match from 9 x 3 x 13 also 3^3 x 13 a prime cubic product from 13

invoking a 9 star equilibrium?

can we explore this theory on a kweakbase numbering?

we will see for three results that invoke a center ...


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serpent Moon guided the Dog Moon!

hellowwwah readers!

at this blog it sows we forgot the 10th moon to bloGGG ...
but then is this a reality we belief?

i don't think we forgot this 10th one with DOG as totem for the Heart as PowerSpin;
maybe the S'ilence itself did maintain the grid we build all the time ...
reaching out for the other side ...

here we see the Serpent moon, and illustrate the second - the life - kweak:

(we all might know ...)
the numbers are sort of building a resonant field in most densed information
(as characters and numbers form fields of mutual resonance)

here we Symbol, Serpent, Skywalker. S'ilence & Spin
5 S' words (as S'ace is too)

but then we discovered a holonic behaviour within the Alphabeth itself ...
when we see this whole in this perspective:
however the middle words NM donot seem in line the A & Z fit "their spot"
the second half Z to (NM) takes more bandwidth
(over 1 average character)

anyway ...
when we give numbers to both arrays as 1 -26
then each character gets 27 as a sum of both positions
which is of course "a dead rule"
but then it speaks for kweak that this number is 27
simple because it represents 3 to 9 =:> 27 (9)


HOW does this MOON line up with 10?

10 is each daya we live in a harmoniq stream

so moon 1 to 9 streams with 13 12 11 into 10 all the time

but then how can we connect with this weaved grid?

this is by contemplating the individual and the collective
( ,which definitely is no complex neither a multiplex )

lets handle this 13 => 9 & 3 into 1ness in kweak 11.3
(notice ness is pinpointing to the 5th and central daya in each kweak of 9 daya)

neu ree bah !  S'aceHeartH

(remember S and H are both resonating 8, 19 & 27)