Sunday, November 24, 2013

from OXford to OXforT .. again

i quoted from here :
"Of course, Venter and his team would never have even started, much less succeeded, in their experiments, unless Watson and Crick had first unraveled the double helix structure to deoxyribonucleic acid, the basic building block to all life as we know it on this planet. Hence, even the most integrated of circuits must first be understood by unmasking its most fundamental of parts. This holds true whether one is compiling the Oxford English Dictionary (with its 26 letters from A to Z), developing the rudiments of computer processing (resting as it does on a binary number system), or making a wood fried pizza (dependent as it is on a preconceived list of ingredients)."

a most elegant piVot into KWEAKINNs reset for ALPHABETICAL interpretation for TIME ..

T i ME

we have collective metastrings
that are labelled alternative
but then at gros we simplify by
I ~ radiative ~ cosmic tone XIII
II ~ attractive ~ crystal tone XII
III ~ receptive ~ spectral tone XI

then the individuum mesostrings
are labelled a to i (wholly I ?!)
a ~
b ~
c ~
d ~
e ~
f ~
g ~
h ~
i ~

they are culturally deter'mined

so filled by the core integral governance
in some accordance with 27
by default / universal standard
(although unconscious?)

Them 27 are combining
in a memory stick performance at SELF
initial is given by the alphabet
I & a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i
II & a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i
III & a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i

and a single
that holds all moments in a shell / holon
28th day as zero, crystalizing "a clue"

in this taotic method
only 3 strikes form the 4

| \ /

controversional token in 4 as
| / -

to pivot as a being governing its temple ..


from that initial blanko ')

it all starts over again ..
getting wisdom from mistakes ..

') hard to proof?
ot too simplified to see?
the royals always spoke a truth - 
right in the middle of your/ones eyes
blanko is X'40' - hexadecimal agreement
to hide 40 within quite some pressed buttons ..

Du français sagacité, issu du latin sagacitas, dérivé de sagax
(« qui a l’esprit subtil, fin, pénétrant, clairvoyant, sagace »),
lui-même dérivé de sagire (« sentir, avoir du flair »).
the IsraeLites use sagaCT
to remember the core activity in a city:
the sage
the myth
the treasure

Saturday, September 28, 2013


examinine the ol' . the ancient ordering rules ...

>>>  X'40'  <<< portal

while Awakening Planetary Consciousness goes on flow wit Planetary Awakening (cms Lucknow India practices)

some people are in a minority to let their Bell Ring ..

this is an arranged situation for Kapital ..
as we learned to believe that objects for exchange .. and their handy 

Always protected is the holyness for religious clans - and in their eyes for "ex-pats"

This pivots in a totally polarized perspective when one is invited to enchant the new as "NOO"

does a reader connect here , one may ask - but that is inclusive for a sorcerer "kibernauthing"

in this chapter we only see for grounded numerical passages for 2 words familiar in seperated world .. but then they might intervent on each other ..
we'll see the experiment .. this is live enchanting ..


9 8 1 12 12 12
this repetition on 12 might have spoken to the believers on number 12 for stars or tribes or halves of days , aye?
what did 9 8 1 communicate according Frederick Weinrebs "Bible book"

54 is the total as 9 to 5 and 3x3x5 elementary

Then we see for 
(Merlins S'word)

5 4 3 1 12 9 2 7 10 (ends in perfect 10?)
12 22 19 (see note below)
43 is the total as ... hmmm PRIME number lock??
does it mean 3+4 = 7 ??
try this one:
42+1 => 43
and consider this worldwide say on 42 (g**gle for more)
Does humor bring a laugh with deepest wisdom?

elemental 42 speaks 6x7 as 2x3x7 .. where 2 and 3 are harmonizing numbers : see
2^3 = 8 and 3^2 makes 9 .. (does make dumb or gives base for reception pivot)

so only 3 is a match elementary on SHALOM & EXCALIBUR (S AND Y?)

recent insights match shalom to the chakra wheels in 


while 2nd and 6th wheels are double ones mixing YIN & YANG

what is the numerical outcome?
9 88 1 12 12 88 12
54 + 24 logically from previous result makes 78 (2x39)

39 is very interesting while it pops 3x13
double 39 is resonant on 88 .. in enchanting modus/states

elementary 78 leads to 2x3x13

so there is another sync on the EXCALIBUR elemental calculus
2x3x13 & 2x3x7

For decyphering talents this syncs into euphoric states that even bring new insights .. often make memory bases open for very ancient set-ups 

Thanks specially to MyKeY & Leon' & the many making this earthbase humanrace again ..

S'ace , teletransithor

') how come S is 9 ?
consider is 19th character in alphabet ..
then it is a clear QURAN number - which is a subsync
from Z ia 1 it only reaches to 8
but then when & is on 26 (2x13) it goes on 9 : that simple it iz .. for itz (running blood)

88) is in dutch quite elegant put in the national painters work "de NACHTWACHT"
this painting is actually not for the show but for the title , in dutch N8W8
- english known as NIGHTWATCH also KnightWatch (a clock?!)
N is +/- 90 degrees equal to Z , the 27th character in reset alphabet
W indicates 4 fingers from ol' alphabet ..
but then by & insert it became 5 again ..
5 indicates 8 on one hand Left & Right .. (& is both 'and' and 'or' as dialogical token)
crazy & logical & rational & magical as well as very human / hueman

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

kweak fun ding

(the story behind this and its reading will follow in 3 kin)

first we have the circumstances, rougly (it is history)

then we have peace and a reset for people to unite and grow into blow ... (an anecdote)

finally we narrate the esotherical meaning, read by "the oracleman"




Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guidances - NeSSdaya

we narrate on this centerdaya of kweak 2, the LIFEkweak in BAT moon

we'll repeat each cell on a line here:

daynumber in august , gregorian 2013

174 - yellow overtone Wizard
kinnumber in DreamSpell calendar

127 - blue planetary Hand
kinnumber in Holy Tzolkin calendar

041 - red lunar Dragon
kinnumber in Rescue TreeKweak mess'ion

seal indication in TreeKweak serving dynamiq meditation

universal initiate for a chant this daya

label for this center daya , the fifth of nine, this kweakyear

short cut numbering serving year 161 moon 1 :

extra infolines
(put yr questions forward to see answers appearing in short time as due)

is the chant for this kweaks daya 5
Li strikes on 7th chakra as a violin
Mi als does this , but the directions are vice versa
(give this an attention in yr chanting)
MaH strikes the hearth chakra - 4

those extra lines intend to guide & explore the noo world in trused field

(they appear irregular which fits the kweak stream on serendipitious energy in the growing & blowing team)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

new scriptures

hello dear kweaklings ;-)

i'm S'ace and was infected with this kweak way for experiencing timespace 

i sense by now i needed 4 years running kweak from july 23 2009 to understand more of the wheels in kweak ..

so i'll try to set this in narratives so we could all understand more deeply what was told by voices

when questions raise , please comment them ..

i'll try to organize this better ansd have/achieved some help from friends ..

i 'll put this page on a link in the kweaking drafts that cycle by 9 daya ..

and vice versa here is kweaking blogspot

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DRAGON year in EAGLE vision - wave wizard

see kweaking for the year starter

we spotted DRAGON 161 in DREAMSPELL base ..
then it fused with TZOLKIN wizard 114 into 015, EAGLE in WIZARD wave

maybe hard to follow , but then this is yr tutorial times ...

experience KIN go with the flow ..
that means they curve the spirals,stairs and drops
in this full experience for what energy means to huemen ..

Remember wizard wave is also the wave for SOLAR kin 022 ,
the double swan / S'one as we meander on words to get the full spice ..

From the 15 spice we could imagine 14 was the initiator all the time for this special birthing year .. this is a rule to emphasize ..

take 14 as 1 thumb and 4 fingers and everyone has the gear at hand to deeply respect for being given .. in some heavenly abundance !

while chanting 9 tones ..
this is the challenging one on seal EAGLE
the MIND power
essence VISION

what more to say from the well ?

Saturday, February 16, 2013

triple triple triple T

clue watching

on the waya to march 1

refering to july 19, 2007

dreamspell 047, sunwaved hand ~ knowing

tzolkin 257, starwaved mirror ~ timelessness

treekweak 044, sunwaved seed ~ compass

in lakech ala kin

Bolon Ix (52+22)

Thursday, January 31, 2013


Padmasambhava Image promotion

why this is related to Kweak?

see them 3 warriors fusing a motion



higher one
earthly one
related partners

receiving one
attracting one
radiating one

try your favourite t'rits?

Share it in abundance??

} always & ignore & control the red one ??? {

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

serving Starr Saffa

from down undear ..
my free end AlanD wrote this offer

Waters of Nostalgia
Water's mirror, nostalgic glimpses
waking storm on retrospection's oceans.
Memory's wells not always stable
viewing only what we now are able.
Wistful wonders souls will share
things to-do will re-appear.
Magic waters of retrospection
connecting souls to high intention.
Reminiscences that need repair
Destiny's directions now are clear.
Heaven's waters now flowing freely
now feeling nostalgia, purposefully.
Nostalgia's messages are serendipitous
to the depths of Divine reality in us?

storm on SUN daya

} storm is a navigathor {