Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guidances - NeSSdaya

we narrate on this centerdaya of kweak 2, the LIFEkweak in BAT moon

we'll repeat each cell on a line here:

daynumber in august , gregorian 2013

174 - yellow overtone Wizard
kinnumber in DreamSpell calendar

127 - blue planetary Hand
kinnumber in Holy Tzolkin calendar

041 - red lunar Dragon
kinnumber in Rescue TreeKweak mess'ion

seal indication in TreeKweak serving dynamiq meditation

universal initiate for a chant this daya

label for this center daya , the fifth of nine, this kweakyear

short cut numbering serving year 161 moon 1 :

extra infolines
(put yr questions forward to see answers appearing in short time as due)

is the chant for this kweaks daya 5
Li strikes on 7th chakra as a violin
Mi als does this , but the directions are vice versa
(give this an attention in yr chanting)
MaH strikes the hearth chakra - 4

those extra lines intend to guide & explore the noo world in trused field

(they appear irregular which fits the kweak stream on serendipitious energy in the growing & blowing team)

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