Thursday, October 4, 2012

summary of 3 moons ...

Since .... july 24 - start of kweakyear 57 - red overtone earth - hardly a blognote was added here 

tille recently we initiated a co-operative mission with 0-my-key ...
she handles 3 Questions while practicing Kweak for over a Year at a stream ...

the image here pictures the joint:

so here we put the linkage index to pass them all in a sequence of choice:

how to read the kweak?
what can Kweak mean for people Uniting?
who practices Kweak Mantra Chant & Why?

Section 3 tutorial


}}}  have a GooD time co-creating oUR sol'ut~ions  {{{

As a time guided crew
we got into a schedule that governs another aeon considering this story ...
-it is a clip on 7 generations to come-
It seems Good Human Thought to accept this considering the Human Race
actually it seems to fit very well in this planetary current ...

so these 9 moons gather "the matter" , "the mather" , "the mother":

57 moon 1 2 3

TimeSpace Establishes Cosmos as One Universal Mind
kweakmoon 4 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q72

Tree of Cosmic Fire returns to Source as Star Mind
kweakmoon 5 1 2 3 & glorydaya => Q80

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