Sunday, October 7, 2012

kweak section 2 - tutorial

this section is describen column wise ...

day in current moon
 daynumber is in Gregorian Moon as a reference
 cultural number given by Valum Votan from channeling & "033"

tree kweak
 written 3K=tHreekweak to bring back H in life as relationship
it is the sum of DS and MT as if walking Left and Right Brains
3K KIN(sum DS+MT)
seal-label given to the KIN as a number for the daytime period
remember the number "forgotten" is the night KIN !!!
Mantra / Chanti
exercise to make alive the sound within the world scenario
the variance in Kweak makes aware inherent body systems
WAVE harmonic
this gives the idea for a wholly wave in a "week" of 9 energetic units that combine into the perfect balance (as once on Earth)
label kweakdaynumber
these labels origin from a beach channeling in the Netherlands
 kweak number
57 is yearkin (DS red seal) ; 1=love 2=life 3=live (void)

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