Thursday, December 8, 2011

DAYA 25 : 273.M.3.7 ~ SOULdaya ~ siliohm

}}} Sili ohm {{{

The ) Si (
is the musical metrical key to my hemispheres.
They work harmonious together,
at a manner that they overcome the sense of difficulty,
and delivers a blind association of pleasure.
It  creates a complex feeling of delight.

The ) Li (
opens up my mind.
It looks like
a friendly exchange of glory and freshness.
A cheerfull bustle of giving and receiving

The ) Ohm (
opens all my chakra’s
and connects me with my path in the void-kweak.

I activate,
my inner-soul,
she lends her ear and her clear sight.
She shares all her warmth;
and feeds the intentions
with inner soul ~ power.

"The green spread is as an open field full of eyes watching"

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