Sunday, November 13, 2011


this blog is created to expose 28 daya in kweaktimespan

kweaktime is an add to Mayan Calendar Change & Gate2012

in fact it rules "as a pope" ') on behalf of the situation charged on the planet Earth

"the pope" installs another frequency in gathering daya into whole units that bridge human contact

part of the kweaktime properties facilitate bodily alignment to the magnetic fields all in a living harmonic

this we label "mantra readings"

these will be exposed on this blog so people can share there experiences on each day which is current

Only 28 daya will repeat themselves time and time again including the bridger 28 which is a zero too
this daya we label }} GLORYdaya {{ and is also known as "Daya of Moon Experience" - DôME

special daya are DôSE & DôTE:
  • Daya of Sun Experience - happens each 365th day between moon 13 and next moon 1
  • Daya of Time Experience - happens once every fourth year and is (re)placed after DôSE
note that the first DôTE is scheduled in 2012 30 daya after the Venus Transition (DS KIN008 / KIN009)

}}} ... {{{ indicates a third dimensional term -melody- which is part of the trits sound-rhythm-melody
}} ... {{ indicates a second dimensional term -rhythm-
} ... { indicates a first dimensional term -sound- , often the practioner / sorcerer / human being

In Example
} Mykey { is the practioner enchanting the sound
}} De K'uil {{ is a group of coöperative listeners that form a rhythmic embedding
}}} biovoid {{{ is a melody which fuses the universal sound into a mantra reading (often token as poetry)

The readings here will be guided by the KweakTeam

common inspiration clip

') "as a pope" reflects to the urging intelligence factor on earth that has to speak to all human beings as an intelligent force to handle its measures; in fact the planet is in each being available to respond from nobility tensions that speak from the heart of the being, the Hara, which unites and unifies.
In kweak the Hara is represented by the 9th symbol which is 180 degrees rotated considering SILIO.


further networking delivered this noo-combi-vision:

this is more detailed explained in this clip - mark 12:55

holomind perceiver tutorial


  1. as an add to people known with cosmic number techniques i present bivideotex as a holodecode for charactersets - words - into numbers.

    here "melody" is the focussed set ...

    13 5 12 12 4 2 => 48

    what speaks 48 from my spacedmindset?

    48 is for 4 years the margin between longcount calendar and dreamspell ...

    it is also knwon as 212 while longcount seems 212 kin ahead to the dreamspell by the leapday-bug.

    212 is to be understood as 2112 while the mid-digit is the twin ;-)

  2. on ixik added

    See the anthem as a fusion of 2 nines ..
    the X is space the other figure is Phi, time!

    They fuse 5 numbers:
    5 6 7 8 9 (average 7)
    Also the mid 5 tonës of 13
    2 x 9 is 18 , number for double helix ..
    Also love & life
    This sets the Void : bioVoid