Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DAYA 4 : 273.M.1.4 ~ KINdaya ~ gammaya

}}} Gammaya {{{

I sing }}} Biovoid {{{
}}} Kalikey {{{
}}} Alphaoenix {{{
}}} Gammaya {{{

so I relate the past months
and find my inner pinch
which leads me to a guide of light and love,
who touches my soul
and feeds me winged colours,
bearers of a secret whisper.

}}} Gammaya {{{
transforms the colours into eyes.
They reach the cosmos.
With a panoramic view
they detect any pixel of positivity,
warmth and tenderness.

The  shining eyes reflect as a mirror.
Their rays reach my heart,
as stintless stars,
and twinkling is awakened.

They become just eye
and remains for me rampant sight,
a grace to silent sympathy.

"come to me" ~ KailashKa

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

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