Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DAYA 24 : 273.M.3.6 ~ URdaya ~ gammaya

(this reading is served by S'ace guided by Mykey)

}}} GaMMaYa {{{

sets focus on the third eye chakra section
which immediately knocks on the sacral knowledge bank
what is that bank?
again i listen to the double MM's and hold them vibrating
))) GaMMMMM (((
it is very interesting to listen to the bodily response
why didn't i notice this ever before?

so, this is what GaMMMMM really does

it slowly but secure - CQr - opens a locked being
hidden by strange effects from whatever sources

))) Mahhh (((
interconnects that discovering motion to other beings on a focus
"we are not alone ~ we are all one"
the sound of the Mother

))) Yahhh (((
is the third part of the mantra connosant
and confirms the melody from universal strings
a sedding Father

the box of PANdora unlocked for ever?
(Quite a Daya - URdaya)

"out of the blue sky, a s'keye"

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