Sunday, December 11, 2011

DAYA 28 : 273.M.4.0 ~ GLORYdaya ~ kamuthy

}}} Kamuthy {{{

I sing Biovoid, Kalikey, Kamuthy.

With Biovoid I welcome the feathered eyes of the peacock.
I search my center place of silence and strength,
my point of autonomy and authenticity,
my inner sphere of love.
And from this center I connect with the center of all creation,
so I draw a bridge,
a holistic connection between my inner world and the outer world.
It creates an overtone of existence:
the power of the fifth moon.

Kalikey, makes me connect with the All.
I use Kalikey because of my first experience,
where something odd happened.
It gave me the sensation, that I cleaned up my soul.
There was a considerable courage and forgiveness,
and suddenly I became one.

 KAmuthy  opens my inner soul as a grail.
Suddenly  a bushel of light, warmth and tenderness,
in all sort of colors and tremendous consonances flutter in me.
They fill the grail, and the grail becomes a fountain,
so every drop finds it’s way,
and fulfils me with patience, confidence, forgiveness, beauty.
A peaceful unify 

Then I chant again KaMUthy,
but now with the emphasis on 'mu'.
I notice an internal  spiral vibration,
from my inner-center, to the outer.
A gentle breeze whispers  to the universe.
Every breath empties.
I hear a beetle's hum ... as a call ...
I notice a glow-worm. 
Do I want to develop the gift of lighting?
I realize, that I can accept thanks to the first movement,
the KAmuthy.

Overwhelmed with emotion,
I sing out loud KamuTHY.
Heaven opens, I hear an echo, like a serene-call.
I give me to the pool of light and colour,
and sound and vibration, pure vibration.
I have to get used to the soft coloring sound sense …
I yearn and desire, and I embrace the light in a lovely gentle hug. 
When we unify and touch one another I feel my mind glowing. 
At the core, beyond the muze’s painting, 
there is a whisper, a rhythmic prelude,
with the sound of silence.

"Proud Mary"

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