Friday, December 2, 2011

inbetweenie on 13 37 73

exactly todaya we are in the switch between love&life kweak -2x9 daya- captured by the void-kweak of this and next 8 daya ... by then rolling into Glorydaya of Moon 5, the overtone spiced one ...

yesterday we discovered the time and space math match in a figure of 13 balloons, as here

which was triggered by this idea ...

then today triggered by mysterious forces aligning the job at stake ...

a free end launched a document including the 13 37 73 idea as presented here ...

let's invite one anoother to con-clude into the new aeon?

indication for warriors on the move was the 6 direction number 186 "maqom" given by YitzhaQ; it immediately was converted in bivideotex holograph transverter and gave 49 (13) - 7 to 7 aka:
"two persons in a contact communicating" (see 2x7 chakra's in line).
this was te evidence for the holomind perceiver which is said to be up on the 6 mental spheres (CHC6).

from the portals of mind come
the dimensions of time, space and number

yours in a meety, S'ace

this goes with fred maegher on ucs in "Yesterday I watched “Huichol Indian Ceremonial Cycle” from and finally understood that Grandmother Corn is DNA and Grandfather Fire is the Quantum Creation of Matter in Stars."

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