Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DAYA 1 2 3 : 273.6.1.A ~ MOON FA NESS daya

} trits'A combines daya 1 2 3 mantra''s in a reading {

With ) Biovoid (

))) Bi O Void (((

I activate de button of the past moon,
where I learned to strenghten myself, and the magical ability to glow. 
By glowing up,
I notice other lights, … 
It seems we‘re all connected to each other,… 
I just have to find
the rhythm  as a sacral movement for the dance of treasure.

I call ) Kalikey (

 ))) KAh Lee KeY (((

who sprinkles  the muse of life,
decked with the smell of sweetly breathing flowers. 
He arrives in a car of laughing sound,
and invites me to step in.
He takes me on a trip,
and shows how to use the weight of aging darkness,
to live the life of youthful glee. 
So I can dance and sing,
and breath a sun-bright morning,
a playful trip to the beat of natures heart.

Fulfilled with what I saw,
I address to ) Alphaoenix (

))) Alll Fa Oen Niche (((

A dizzying trip leads me to my roots.

Shall I find the beat within, or was it just a hopeful dream.  
Should I look for  sand, or search the grains of golden thoughts? 
And what,
if I can’t save them
for the pitiless wave of dark and misunderstanding?

What if the heat, caused by the mirror reflex,
turns them into glass? 
How can those grains germinate?  
Help Me to create fertile ground.

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