Friday, December 30, 2011

3rd Kweak Moon 6: Daya 1 - MOONdaya )) biovoid ((

(Message from BlogMaster: Last 10 readings moon6 are performed by MyKey. Therefor they will be published daily.)

Message from Mykey, the origin well:
Today starts the  3’th kweak, the void.
For me it is a very special one, because I travel in my mind from the experiences of the love and lifekweak.
I wonder what they did to me, what their story is, why they came on my path. 
I undo the thoughts of my own colouring,  so some beauty can be born.
Conversely, I internalize the wonderful things that happened this week.

The voidkweak is an intensive kweak, in release and be susceptible to the positive.

}}} BIOVOID {{{

So I chant Biovoid,
from the power of the lizard,
the totem of this moon.

I open up my whole body,
every cell of me makes contact.
Farewell attractive material things,
farewell shadows of the morning light,
farewell cheerfulness veiled from human observation.

So I breath a parting tribute to a spot
that seems so precious.
Just to bring me back to the miracle of nature,
destined to give birth of things.  

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


Book of the Cube - Introduction


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