Friday, December 9, 2011

DAYA 26 : 273.M.3.8 ~ SIRdaya ~ kalikey

}}} KalikeY {{{

Something odd seems to happen.
It feels like the mantra’s have a power of realisation.
Almost all my wishes and intentions seem to come true …
or start their motion.
Is this coincidence?
Is this a consequence of having focus on the positive?
Or can the mantra’s really be able to create movement,
to reach and to rich…

So I shant
) Kalikey (

I feel energy all over my body,
my heads seems to open
and becomes one with the cosmos.
My feathered thoughts adorn themselves with eyes,
prepairing, expectantly, their quest.

A breath of wind, the spirit of fertilisation,
brings them together,
and creates a pair of  beautiful powerful wings.
They sing their choral song,
when the early sun lights the night,
and kisses the moon asleep. 
The clouds learn me how to float,
and the sun how to shine. 
The rainbow shows me how to spray colours;;
and the river the capacity to bear.
The flow answers the call of sea.

Before my eyes arises a glorious world,
free from chains
living in liberty

"The green spread has opened full of eyes watching"

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