Saturday, December 3, 2011

DAYA 19 : 273.M.3.1 ~ Moondaya ~ biovoid

}}} Biovoid {{{

Works as a prelude to this kweak.
The third kweak is the voidkweak.
It seems to me that the voidkweak helps
to get rid of the negatives
and dissolve any tensions so they can work.
I have the experience that it is a powerful instrument,
with a magical range.
Suddenly things are flowing
and realize the almost impossible.

With Biovoid,
I travel back to the past 2 kweaks,
and internalize what it brought me.
In the mean time,
I wonder what beautiful things
I want to be born.

By shanting Biovoid,
I become conscious of the beauty that was given to me.
Some special intensified contacts;
some grateful being together,
an artwork that I received,
a symbol of love, life and soulpower

There are also moments of growth,
and dwell on things that I want to donate to heal

I feel very thankful and happy aware
of the beauty that was given to me
Like a summer noon,
seeds on a turf of expectations,
emerging innovations gurgle at my feeds.
Eternal minstrels from the sky,
sings a song of vision and beyond,
composed with quivering wings,
aspiring hearts and eyes.

A privacy of glorious light, with divine instinct.
Building a nest upon dewy grass.

"third biovoid hints for the 28th daya ~ Glorydaya" ~ S'ace

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{

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