Saturday, December 17, 2011

DAYA 4 5 6 : 273.6.1.B ~ KIN WIND UR daya

And thus I turn to Gammaya.

}}} Gammm aH Yah {{{

My hartchakra opens,
... with every beat it pulsates love,
and care, true believe and softness. 
The pain and fear melt like snow in the sun. 
The melt water washes and refreshes the craving seed. 
The gaining spiritual power, crumbles the blind wall.
The new born eye sheds an exulting tear,
and blesses the ground. 
So I graft the smooth and happy thoughts on a fair spot.
A precious source of liveliest hope explores my being.
 It flows, it flows,
oh what a gentle touch …

reaching hands,
a caress,
a heart greeting.

Thanks to the vision donated by Gammaya,
I immerse myself in Selinoo,

}}} Sail in Nooh {{{

who takes the simmer of my sight.
With a rumbling sound, 
I float my flow,
attracted to the harvest I desire.
I meditate in peace
and see into the dept of human souls
I wash away all sorts of impatience,
and false hope,
even the heat of excessive zeal,
the vain contents and self applauding intellect.

I search to find the field of human life in heart and mind. 
The natural beauty in the daily’s song,
in chanted hymnes and stiller voice …
and then I find just when not sought …

in contact without reserve …

Calmness comes, equal to what nature gives
Inspired by gratitude and confidence
I chant Dalimèr,

}}} Dah lee mère {{{

to find the words
that benefit the humblest intellect.
To adorn them with feelings of love.
As a modest, welcoming station
salutes the being at his birth of life and love,
by re-connecting with the universal heart.

Her wisdom breath an everlasting motion
that builds up my human soul.
So I speak the words of silence,
even with most beauteous thoughts,
the true and purest contact  is without reserve.

The creation of a rainbowbridge,
the exemption of time and space.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


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