Sunday, December 11, 2011

DAYA 27 : 273.M.3.9 ~ SUNdaya ~ siliaum

after two readings on daya 3 & 6 here 3.9
}}} siliaum {{{

 is what i chant
first i get the taste of it
then the smell of it arouses memories

so i chant it again endeepened on the strophes
}}} SEE li aum {{{

YES/SI, i see character C
the open eye into my earthly vessel
poppin' up the rich idea from a peyote session
which was lead by Don Tônio
my chest gloomed up as a crystal construct
full of greeny colours

}}} si LEE aum {{{

writes LI as REE, a sailors term to divert
meander through the complex
on a straight line that is fitting the eye

}}} si li AUM {{{

pops up the other one inside
who is captain of the ship
available for the one on the wheel

}}} See Lee Aum {{{

is as a result from the changes allowed
following the consonances in written characters
AUM as a livin' creatures healing chanty

"Yantra Symbol resonant to BioVoiD"

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