Friday, December 23, 2011

DAYA 1 2 3 : 273.6.2.A ~ MOON FA NESS daya

(Trits A: daya 1 2 3 of LIFEkweak, 2nd of 3 x 9 daya)

}}} B i o V o i D {{{

Biovoid creates me a rainbowbridge,
of all the beauty and strength of the love kweak,
coloured by the power of the lizard,
the totem of this sixth moon
and seasoned with the motion of the moon.

Ready to live from the grace of the warrior

}}} Al phA OE nIX {{{

Chanting alphaoenix
I root with the lizard,
the little creature that looks for the sun,
the search from his soul to consciousness.
This rooting path reflects her wisdom like a mirror,
and shows how to find
my rhythm and balance in this time.

It shows me how to reach
a state of non-judgement and recognizing the beauty of all. 
The wisdom to be happy,
to share, to love and to be loved.

}}} Se Li Noo {{{

Selinoo bathes in the glitter of the sun.
She makes everything move.

She flushes my ego-gnomes ..

I can equalize my thoughts,
and extend my equality to others.

The arise of the beautiful human being in me,
in us.

coöperated by } Mykey { & }} De K'uil {{


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