Monday, January 16, 2012

7th moon of monkey as poweranimal

evidence showed up to practice no mantrareadings
on this blog in this 7th moon

lets be empty to receive

extra indicatons were given
on the entry on the 7th column in dreamspell tapestry

let us see for the current kweak .7.1

why do we use the word "daya" for "day" on "kin"?

try this one as a breaker for this lovekweak?

all we do and act upon in 2012 is
& fuse the merges
& unify all fused bodies

why not?

|-{ ... }~8

s u r y o d a y a

(is that about ensure your days to come?)


bezoek eens zijn site ?

Vier Drei Zwei Eins
Ei Ei Ei Ie


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