Friday, January 6, 2012

3rd Kweak Moon 6: Daya 8 - SIRdaya )) KALI KEY ((

}}} KALIKEY {{{
Makes me willing to receive.
It’s a purifying mantra.
It helps me to contact my guide,
in a unifying wave.
A guardian's ray.
It is al bright and shiny.
And in the fairest air, the colours are so pure and honest, never seen before. 
A sirene song,
leads me through the rivers of life, hope and expectations.  
It is overwhelming.
Is it fear that takes my breath? 
In the motion to may receive I let go
Then,  like a guardian Angel,
s'he came as a succour from above and descends deep into me. 
With the spirit of wind we move as a floating buzzard,
praying with the power of the eagle,
and the wisdom of the owl.
Growing and glowing, in a lucid ring,
the strenghten of the gift of love.

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  1. My favourite daya (7 and Soul) with my favourite word (kalikey) described in favourite images, thanks.